Do We Need More Tinkering?

On Nassim Nicholas Taleb wrote an article called "We need more uninhibited, aggressive, proud tinkering": "We can be scared and worried about the future, or we can look at it as a collection of happy surprises that lie outside the path of our imagination."

Reading it this article roused my curiosity. What does Mr. Taleb mean with these words? Well, I think he does not suggest just play around a little and see what happens. But he warns that you cannot foresee everything.

I agree with him quite a lot. There exists a Dutch saying that goes like this: A person suffers most from things he fears, but that never come true. A lot of things you can take care of before they actually come up. And there always remain things that you do not see coming, and that you can put to work for you. This you could call tinkering.

Now what I also experience is that many times people talk of things that happened to them out of the blue which actually were very good predictable. A recent example of this is my neighbor taking a ride during a heavy storm though people were warned to stay inside. He got stuck in an accident with a falling tree. When he told me about it he claimed that it just happened to him. I do not believe that, because he left his home in his own free will, neglecting the conditions.

What I want to put forward is that in many situations people act against what you would call business common sense. There can be several reasons a person needs some help, like the situation got too close to have much overview left. That is why we introduced the MyExecutiveTeamsolution. This service helps you to make up your mind about what you want to achieve, and how to do it. And it leaves plenty room to use tinkering as an instrument to increase your business chances!

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