Can You Run a Business Democratically?

HP has asked Penn, Schoen and Berland Associates to investigate the influence of stakeholders on ICT decisions. 82% of the respondents stated that the Corporate Information Officer (CIO) cannot execute an effective application policy due to interactions of middle-management and external consultants.

This interesting results reminds me to a saying of one of my colleagues: Only monks travel in groups. In organizations there exists a tendency to involve all relevant people in a decision in order to make sure that the implementation will be much easier as everybody has had the opportunity to give their opinion.

However, there is a considerable 'but' to this way of working. It is a very good practice in the administrative organization of a business to make a difference between the right to take a decision and the right to give advice, either solicited or unsolicited. There can only one (1!) captain on a ship!

This brings me to the reason why the Results2Match C-O Service Solution, called MyExecutiveTeam works so well. There is a time for everything: Time to contemplate, but also time to take and execute decisions!

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