Service Oriented Architecture (SOA): Solution or Hype?

Photo at blog from webmaster - 21/09/2010 - 13:32

Paul Calahan from NetManage, Inc. has written an interesting article in 10 mistakes companies make when implementing SOA projects, and how to avoid them.

What Paul actually advocates is: Think before you act! In the context of SOA this means that a company should realize that a SOA implementation really is a business issue. You realize such SOA architecture, because you want either to lower your operational business process costs, or to decrease significantly your time to market, or to do both! SOA should not be handled different from all Information and Computer Technology (ICT) decisions. Therefore it should be handled like all business investments. SOA needs:

  • A business sponsor;
  • A business investment proposal (benefits and Return On Investment (ROI) time;
  • Assessed business risks.

Results2Match helps you with proven products and services to implement SOA. All solutions provide you with a stable basis enabling sound decisions:

  1. MyAssessment: A thorough assessment of your ICT inventory.
  2. MyRequirements: An established set of stable specifications.
  3. MyInformationVault: Just-in-time publishing of information, specific for each user, then and there!

And my advice: Start with MyAssessment! Contact Hans Lodder now!

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